Creative Rock Storm, Rocking Til The End

I've learned that fear limits you and your vision. It serves as blinders to what may be just a few steps down the road for you. The journey is valuable, but believing in your talents, your abilities, and your self-worth can empower you to walk down an even brighter path. Transforming fear into freedom how great is that? – Soledad O'Brien

Finding Beauty in Life


When Life feels most challenging I focus on Love. Below is a list  of how I love my way through living.

  1. Love Jesus
  2. Love the essence of self
  3. Love the sound and feeling of breathing
  4. Love infinite moments
  5. Love laughter
  6. Love joyful moments with family
  7. Love wisdom
  8. Love the hearts of moms, daddys, grandmothers, caretakers
  9. Love those who hate
  10. Love hope
  11. Love those who are suffering
  12. Love bonds of friendships
  13. Love Scriptures
  14. Love nature
  15. Love gratitude
  16. Love  Blackness, Brownness
  17. Love the wonderfully written narrative of life
  18. Love those who fight for freedom
  19. Love children growing up in innocence
  20. Love those who others hate
  21. Love adult coloring
  22. Love truth
  23. Love and appreciate creativity
  24. Love emotions
  25. Love logic
  26. Love compassion
  27. Love equality
  28. Love a decluttered space
  29. Love personal growth
  30. Love learning
  31. Love silence
  32. Love deep soul moving music
  33. Love slaying
  34. Love unity
  35. Love Black Girl Magic and Black Excellence
  36. Love humanity
  37. Love self awareness
  38. Love falling in love
  39. Love romantic partners
  40. Love vulnerability
  41. Love the creativity of culture
  42. Love the richness of cultures around of the world
  43. Love writing
  44. Love peace
  45. Love day dreaming
  46. Love the beautiful hues of skin colors
  47. Love communities
  48. Love those who others hate
  49. Love rain and afternoon storms
  50. Love floating along the waves of life
  51. Love forgiveness
  52. Love home
  53. Love light that illuminates truth
  54. Love the birds flying high in the sky
  55. Love hugs
  56. Love pets
  57. Love God given purpose, direction and guidance
  58. Love fun
  59. Love the sound of languages and dialects
  60. Love breathing
  61. Love good health
  62. Love trust
  63. Love understanding
  64. Love knowledge
  65. Love Poetry
  66. Love beliefs, morals
  67. Love challenges- Level Up
  68. Love intimacy
  69. Love communication
  70. Love honesty
  71. Love fellowship
  72. Love plays & theater
  73. Love  healing feedback
  74. Love the good in every moment
  75. Love sweet smelling words of life
  76. Love gender expression
  77. Love night phone calls and good morning texts
  78. Love secrets keeps
  79. Love the feeling of heart beats
  80. Love promises kept
  81. Love tears of joy
  82. Love choice
  83. Love great literary works
  84. Love traveling
  85. Love volunteering
  86. Love open mindedness
  87. Love the message of the stars and sun
  88. Love reading
  89. Love pinky promises
  90. Love the whispers of inner voice
  91. Love companionship
  92. Love flying through life
  93. Love strength
  94. Love ancestors
  95. Love teaching
  96. Love adventure
  97. Love stillness
  98. Love passion
  99. Love amor, ni ife, 愛, cinta, אהבה, love
  100. Love living



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